USO Kandahar

Phone: 301-880-7543

USO Kandahar is located on a NATO Air Field that is home to 48 nations and over 30,000 American troops. The Air Field houses service members from every branch, even a few coast guard. USO Kandahar makes every effort to ensure they are reaching as many service members as possible, not limiting themselves to the confines of the center walls.

With such a huge footprint, many service members are simply too far away from the center to try and make it over after a 12 hour or longer shift. That’s why center staff make efforts to take our services directly to them. From hosting USO days for the Marines on the other side of the air strip, to hosting the hit monthly "Rage in the Cage" dodgeball tournament on a central part of base, USO Kandahar continues to develop new and exciting programs to bring a home away from home to as many US service members as possible.