USO FOB Shindand

Phone: 301-880-7667

USO Shindand is the only center in all of Western Afghanistan. Located a mere 45 miles from Iran, everyone is living in tents with 12 of their fellow soldiers. Coming to the USO is like a getaway to have a little peace and quite and not have to worry about waking up their tentmates, as the tents are filled with both day and night shift workers. Having just moved into a new location on the base, our services are more popular than ever. Troops are enjoying our new video game room, dedicated phone and computer room and our movie theater with a 65” HD TV, compliments of a recent donation.

USO FOB Shindand’s events are varied: a weekly cigar club; a twice-weekly poker game with a championship round at the end of every month; dance nights; bingo nights; sports/shooter video game tournaments; and outside sports events (weather permitting) and many other activities.