USO Camp Leatherneck

Phone: 301-330-7656

The Camp Leatherneck USO is a 5,500 square foot facility located on the Marine base Camp Leatherneck in the Helmand Province. In addition to the USO’s staple services of telephone and internet access, the USO offers popular programs such as Waffle Sundays and a special room set up specifically for deployed fathers to watch the birth of their babies back home over Skype. This is followed up with a letter of congratulations to the new mother as well as specially embroidered USO footed pajamas for the new baby.

In addition to the main center, on the Army side, the USO has an annex center that is staffed by Army personnel. With the help of a BAE Systems grant, the USO recently outfitted the PAX terminal on the base with couches, televisions and other accouterments to create a comfortable place to wait on a flight, something that can take a considerable amount of time in theater.