USO Bagram

Phone: 301-880-7697

Initially constructed with a donation from the NFL in honor of Pat Tillman’s service to our country, the Pat Tillman Memorial USO is situated in a Swiss chalet-like building, picturesque against the jagged snowy peaks that surround Bagram Air Field. Located next to the Air Passenger Terminal, it is the only comfortable place troops can come to and relax while waiting for a flight.

Open 23 hours a day, it is rare to find the center at less than maximum capacity. Oftentimes, tired troops will line the floors, anxious to either get home or see what awaits them at their final destination further out. With a focus on connectivity, the center offers free phone calls and computers with, the most popular service with this area’s troops, WiFi connectivity. Troops in transit want to get a hold of their loved ones, and with the Pat Tillman Memorial USO’s dedicated satellite, we make that possible to hundreds of troops every day.