USO Bagram East

Phone: 301-880-7697

This unique center is located on the "Warrior" side of Bagram Air Field, a 20-minute drive around the massive air strip. This center has been seeing around 1,000 troops a day since its February 2012 opening. As literally the only available morale service on "Warrior," those numbers aren’t surprising. Based on the same blueprint Kandahar, Bagram East offers service members comforts not typically found in a warzone environment.

Soldiers coming off of a long deployment at a small combat outpost can kick back and get a taste of home life in their full-sized movie theater, play the latest video games at the PlayStation® centers or relax and watch their favorite team in the HD sports lounge. Without a doubt, the most popular things in the center are those which keep troops in contact with their families. The free telephones and computers, as well as the United Through Reading® program are always a hit and a friendly USO Duty Manager or volunteer is always ready to assist every service member that walks through our doors.