USO OB Fenty

Phone: 301-880-7675

The USO at Operating Base Fenty is a transition point for thousands of troops on their way to far flung destinations. One day a soldier may be sitting in one of our recliners enjoying a free cup of coffee and the next day he is stomping through the Afghan countryside on a foot patrol, miles from the remote outpost he will call home for the next year. USO Fenty stands as the last touch of home these soldiers see before heading out into the field, and the first they see on their way home.

With USO SWA’s unique approach to pushing services outside of the large bases and onto the smaller FOBs, Fenty is staffed by only two USO personnel. Dedicated staffers teaming with selfless volunteers keep the coffee hot, always with a smile, and ready for the troops coming and going throughout all hours of the day and night. With unique programs and events that bring a troop back “home” for a while, such as Brownie Night and Waffle Mornings, USO Fenty connects with these transient soldiers and give them the send off, or welcome back, that they deserve.